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Subject: Landing question
  Hi there!
can someone please help me here. I have a situation. My wife and I are living in the USA. Now she wants to visit her parents back home. Can we land seperately in canada in different date? Plan is, I will enter in Canada from here, USA and she [my spouse] will enter in Canada after me directly from back home. Is it possible? please help.

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The principal applicant has to land first. The dependents can land with the principal applicant or on a later date before the expiry of the visa.

So if you are the principal applicant then your plan is just fine.

Landing question (in reply to: Landing question)
My wife and I will seperate land to Canand. The principle applicant will land first, my question is that when the non-principle aplicant land, what kind of document she shall bring to custom other than the visa and landing paper? Does she need approve that the principle applicant has landed befor her?


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