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Subject: Rasulzadeh Class Action Suit ??
  Hello everybody,

Wud just like to know what?s the latest on this one ? Has the Federal Court come out with its decision ? CIC website says that the applications of those affected wud be processed according to the date of their original application and time limit of 42 months has been given to those who applied in 2001. So, would this mean that all those who applied under the new law wud be pushed behind by 42 months ?

Your views please

Thank u

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those who applied in 2001 under the old points and were declined and chose to remain in the cic system have been told that they will now be considered as a result of the lawsuit. CIC must complete all 2001 applications within a 42 month period from the time the lawsuit was settled. I think that was March 2005. The wait could be much less but the courts have given CIC a time limit.
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