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Subject: Recruiters for PR applicants
  Well known that an approved job offer adds significant points, much improves the chances, and puts the application on the faster track.

Also clear that most if not all employers will not make offers for a job candidate who is to start working x years later (if successful with immigration).

As CIC recommends and expects that, it means there must be an organized way to it. Are there any "legitimate" recruiting agencies that specialized in fulffilling this particular situation? There must be a way but it is not clear. Can anyone give insight.

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don´t forget that there are skilled workers who already reside in Canada with a work permit. I would think the job offer points are most relevant for these applicants.

what ever you do... do not be tempted to pay for a job offer with your PR application. it will not likely be legitimate.

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Having a job offer will increase only points and will not make any impact on application process.Although having 75 points or 67 points will create no difference and both will be considered in same way.

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yep, that´s right Sharon, if you can purchase job offer, I wonder how could you purchase T4???
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Purchase a T4? Most would pay to have them rid of!

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Thanks for the responses. I did not mean to purchase it because it is obvious it won´t be legitimate. But thought may be there are recruiters that know what type of employers may be willing. Anyhow, Sharon´s reasoning makes sense that this may be targeting those already with a temp work permit.

I understand though that higher points than the pass mark have higher chances! At least in case the pass mark changed during the application. Also, I read that a job offer moves the application to a faster track to minimize a serious employer´s waiting time.

How would you recommend going about obtaining a temp WP while PR app. is in early processing, with goal of moving earlier, and with risk of possibly losing job which might count against you?

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Hello sir,
can you make permanent resident for Nigerian.
2 can you get employment offer for Nigeria to work in Canada as fish packer, nanny, caregiver, tailor. factory laborer. please state the question one by one in order to clear to me.
i am looking forwards to hear from you soon.
Best regards.

ibrahim taiwo oke
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