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Subject: Duration Time of Study
  Hi Sharon,

I am the principal applicant for Canadian residency and I would like to get some information regarding duration time of study.
My wife is currently studying the Alternative Medicine College of Canada (AMCC) through distance learning. According to AMCC web site, for distance learning, 1 credit = 15 hours of study (see http://alternativemedicinecollege.com/distance_learning/programs/natural-health-practitioner.html) . Would you please clarify that these 15 hours are equal to 15 hours of full-time study?
In addition, how many weeks are equal to one academic year in Canada?
Lastly, because an immigration lawyer represents me, I would like to know if I can also communicate with visa office without changing my mailing address on e-Client file.

Thank you in advance for your response.


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