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Subject: PP request
  My timeline (Singapore)
App. received: May 2001
AOR : June 2001
Interview: Feb 2005 (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Medical & RPRF Req: April 2005
Medical & RPRF done: April2005
E-CAS Status on May 2005 : Processing from May 2001 only
E-CAS Status on June 2005 : Processing & Medical results have been received.
PP Req: Waiting

How many days require to get PP?

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hi Niaz, Can you plz tell me which date you did medicals and which date it changed in eclient, ´coz I am in the same boat but behind you.
pp request (in reply to: PP request)
yes, i have done it on 25 April 2005, my eclient information have been change on 10 June 2005. what´s about you?
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