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Hi there, can anybody tell in detail what is CAIPS, how much it costs and how to get it? For more info, I am an In-Canada applicant. Thanks.


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CAIPS is an acronym for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System. It is part of the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) system used by the Canadian Immigration offices to process visa applications.

Obtaining a copy of your CAIPS notes can be beneficial in the following circumstances;

(1)You have received your Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR)

Even if you recently submitted your Immigration application, the CAIPS file will have useful information. After you receive an AOR the CAIPS file is updated with a preliminary points assessment. You can use this points assessment to verify that the visa office is interpreting your application in the way that you had intended. If, for instance, the visa office has computed your points score differently, then you have an opportunity to provide more documentation BEFORE it is assessed. Once the file is assessed you might have to wait 12-15 months to correct any misunderstandings. The CAIPS file will also have an indication as to when the formal assessment will occur - known as the bring forward date.

(2)You have been selected for an interview

CAIPS files can normally be obtained in 3-4 weeks.

Down load form with instructions:

Good Luck


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Hi Rana, I am an in-canada applicant, My IA was in April´05. Interview waived, medicals done in May´05 and documents reached Buffalo in the first week of June´05. As I haven´t received the PP request yet(though it is too early) so do you feel CAIPS would be helpful at this stage?
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I believe if your file is with CIC-V, you need a FOSS and not caips. Caips is for outside spousal.

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