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Subject: Medical Costs query
I need to know how much usually does it cost for my wife and I to take the medical tests for immigration. In case that both of us covered by medical insurance and in case my wife is not. I would appreciate your reply.

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Usually insurance does not cover this for anyone.
For the cost call the designated medical practioners and get the costs, each has a different cost the cheap fill up their appointments soon.

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Usually the cost is between US $ 350-450 per person
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It depends on where you are from. My wife paid 100,000 Colombian pesos for x-rays, 100,000 pesos for other tests, and 150,000 pesos for the approved medical officer to do everything else. So this is about $180 Canadian dollars.

She is covered under the Colombian health plan where all workers are covered, but they would not pay anything for this, as there was nothing wrong with her.

You have to call the approved doctor in your area and ask them. It is common in the medical field to provide you with detailed cost... there should be nothing hidden.

If there is in fact, something wrong with you, your health coverage should then take affect, but this has nothing to do with your medical checks required by CIC.

I am sure if you are in the USA, you will pay the most, as the USA has the most expensive health cost on the planet.



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