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  Hi everybody,

I applied from Canada to Buffalo in Apr 2005, AOR April 2005 and I would like to send them the police certificate and fingerprints before they´ll ask for them just to save some time. I know that going to the Police Station they give you a letter saying that you are not in their records. That letter has to be sent to Buffalo by me. My question is, what do I have to do with the fingerprint form? Do I have to send it to Ottawa and ask them to forward the results to Buffalo? Do you know the address in Ottawa? Do I have to include a prepaid envelope? I know the entire process (sending to Ottawa and waiting for them to forward the results to Buffalo) can take 4-5 months so I think it´s a good ides to send them ahead. I already paid all the fees for the PR application (550+975). What do you think?

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seems like no one knows the answer to this question, can someboday help? I want to know it too
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