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  Dear all: just want to continue to discuss with all of your experts!

What will happen to my case if I plan to go home when my work visa is expired in the end of this year?

My timeline is: AOR was March 2004, Medicals was October 2004, then nothing has come out!

Does Buffalo visa post will tranfer my application to my home country when I change my corresponding address to my home? If so, my application will be considered as a new case then?

So worried about this!

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In all probability, you will have your PPR request in August or Sept. I can pretty much guarantee that. Don´t put bets on this... they would be losing bets. You need to sit tight and just wait...a month or two before panicking.
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I think you will get it before year end but do not change your address to home country.There is big RISK.Give your friend address.Later on If you receive PPR then you can send your passport to your friend and he can send to CIC and receive it.For landing you can come from your home country.

All the Best.

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If you feel like you want to be in the country, I´m sure you could apply to extend your stay in Canada (after your work visa expires). You could state that you want to tour around Canada and they will extend your visa for another 3-4 months. You wont be able to work but you can still be in the country. Good luck.
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Oh man it seems lots of people are stuck waiting for Buffalo, i have read nothing but cases like that, I wish you all the best, hope you have good news for us soon
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Dear all: appreciate all of you for your opinions and comforting words!

For those have the same timeline pls share your update processing! Thanks!

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Pls advice:

Can Buffalo visa office figure out I am not in Canada while I leave my Canadian friend´s home address after I go back to my home country?

Thanks a lot!

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Buffalo won´t figure out, I guess, but how about when you landed????? border service people gotta know that. right?
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