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Subject: Faxing CIC at the final stage

I am in the middle of one of those days in which I feel this immigration process will never be over. I´m in the final stage (interview waiver, medicals and docs in November 2004) of the whole process and I have faxed the visa post 3 times in the last 2 months asking why they are not finalizing my file...no answer so far...

I´ve read on this forum that it might be useful faxing CIC at this stage since your application might be left at the bottom and sleeping...so I did! Is that really useful? Anybody are in the same crap? Why they don´t answer??

Please share your ideas...

thanks, 100%

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i hear and read what ur saying. its very true, the whole suituation is not defined and highly volatile.

And british citizen is asked for IELTS and an Asian citizen get approved with a mere letter. A PHD studying in Canada for last 5 years is still waiting for almost a year after meds for her PPR yet another lucky guy get his PPR in 10 months after application.

Plus another whole bunch of really untoward suituations.

CIC teaches us the art of patience and going thru uncertainty.


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hi...times like these remember applicants like me who are still awaiting interview schedule....

I guess in your case...background information might be causing the delay....you might find CAIPS useful at this stage...just to know why...

I agree...waiting is so painful....but patience is a virtue....there´s a reason for the delay...God´s timing is never late....=)


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I guess if your application hasn´t reached 18, 19 months there´s nothing to worry about for skilled worker category... I think faxing helps...
Skilled Worker
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In same boat dude.

Basically all from my end was submiited by Dec 2004. I was informed that after 1-2 months of submitting RPRF, I should get a PP request.

It is now 5 months and counting. I sent them 3 faxes each month in March, April and May. I got a fax finally stating that BG Check in progress may take 6-9 months!!

This is totally frustrating dude. I mean they should do the BG checks before they issue medicals. Now my medicals expire in Oct 2005 - if they take all of 9 months that will barely give me time to have my visa stamped and land.

However, I´m content that I´m not the only 100% frustrated over this....

Spike Me
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dude... dont just keep on faxing them right left and center... you dont want to annoy them...

What is your timeline like... if you got the IA in Nov 2004 then you should be nearly done... I had my IA in Nov 2004 and I got my PP stamped just a 5 days ago... so you should be nearly done...

Patient... patient is a virtue...


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nooooooo. you are the reason they say that they do not respond to faxes unless there is a problem. if they stop every time you send a fax you would be waiting 10 years for your immigration. Chill out. think about something else and let CIC do their work. All the speculation about how long things should take is pointless. Don´t assume they will only give you 10 days to land until they return your stamped passport. You are wasting far too much energy.
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A watched pot never boils:)
Faxing CIC at the final stage (in reply to: Faxing CIC at the final stage)
Just wait, we are in same boat,......which office you applied?

Application May 2000 Damascus
New application forms July 2003
Additional Documents July 2004
Interview waived and Medical forms October 2004
Medical Done end November 2004
Letter and E-Mail sent to Visa office in May and June 2005
Received Letter BG checks under process.
Still waiting

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don´t you guys get annoyed and depressed when people around you asks about immigration process and make that kind of face like saying: "are you still waiting for the visa...you fool..."..

I like that saying...A watched pot never boils...very true Mike!

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