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Subject: Declaration of funds
  As a family man, I need to show that I have enough funds as per CIC stipulation in order for my family to accompany me to Canada. If I decide to take the lead, will I be required to declare the funding required for my entire family before I am allowed to enter the country? Secondly, will my spouse also be asked to make a similar declaration when she arrives after I have already done so? In other words, are we are expected to declare our funds twice? I.e., when I land and when my spouse and the children also land?

Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

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If you apply as a princple applicant, you have to proof funds that are equal of more than the amounts shown on CIC web site. Eaxmple is a family of four should carry CAN$ 18,000. If they land after you of if you sponsor them later, in both cases they will not be required to show any funds, you are the one responsible for that.

In short, with your application, youneed to show these amounts as per CIC web site.

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