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Subject: Pls, be advised~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am trying to apply for my wife´s PR this time.

We didn´t have wedding ceremoney, but, just registered our marriage under the law of my mother country because this marriage was second marriage for me and my wife.

So, we are trying to include my parent´s letter that can show our marriage is real in my wife´s PR application form.

My mother will write a letter and sign on it with her phone No.

In this case, Canada immigration officer can call my mom? or they can ask someone to call my mother to check if our marriage is real or not??

I will also include some letters from my close friends with same manner, then there is some possibility that Canada immigration officer call or send them letters to check if our marriage is real??

Of course, our marriage is real and I really love my wife, but, I really worry about that we didn´t have wedding ceremoney although we have legal marriage certificate.

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HI what country are you from??...What religion are you from??..What marriage act did you register your marriage under??..Did you have any kind of celebration ,,like did you have a wedding reception..So in your country,,when you have been married before,,is it that most times people do not have a wedding cereromny??..Please give a bit more detail,,and maybe someone can help you....
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Hello, I am from Korea, and although someone has wedding ceremoney in Korea, it is just ceremoney itself. It doesn´t mean he or she is married legally.
In order to make marriage legal, we have to register our marriage in local ward office.
In other country, if they just have wedding ceremoney, it means their legal marriage?? They can get marriage certificate just through wedding ceremoney without any registration??
I know, many people just register their marriage legally without any wedding ceremony because of various reason, for instance, financial problem, not first marriage, etc.
My Q is immigration officer can call someone I include for reference or not.
If someone knows, pls, be advised!!!

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They do like big weddings so you´ll have to include lots of other stuff to prove your marriage is not one of pictures from all the events you attended together. Did you go on a honeymoon? Get lots of letter of support - from canadians if you have canadian friends.

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Hello~ all

Thank you for ur reply~~
But, what I like to know is that immigration officer can call or try to contact my parent or friends who send the letter for me to CIC to check if my marriage is real or not, as they will specify their phone No. on that letter.

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offer the phone number. if they do not call, nothing is lost by giving it to them.
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