White man is doomed

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Subject: White man is doomed
  Canada is fast becoming a plutocratic cesspot of multicultural madness and selfish desire. How long will it be before white man becomes a minority in Canada?

The continued policy of mass non-white immigration into Canada can only see the country become a prominent statistic for increased crime, corruption, pollution, and racial tension. I wish the fools in Canada who claim equality for everyone could spend some time living in Asia and see where their country will be in 20 years.

Races were not created equal, and this weak, thoughtless politically correct environment that Canadians live in will serve to undermine the positive furure that white man had secured for Canada, and turn it into a living hell.

One only has to reflect on Enoc Powell´s ´Rivers of Blood´ speech to get a clearer picture of Canada´s ´darkening´future.

Answer? Prevent non-white immigration, and encourage a higher birth rate by white couples to secure a better future for Canada and the white race. White man must also realise the value of having a strong racial consciousness that only other races seem to value.

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I hadn´t laugh so hard in a while... thanks for saving me a trip to the circus
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please go back under a rock where you came from.
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HA !
Amazing theory.... keep us posted dude, you are hilarious....

You can also hook up with "In Canada" (if you are not "In Canada" yourself) and come up with more interesting stuff.

Can´t stop laughing !!

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what about albania, kosovo, bosnia, serbia, chechnya..is that not a white mans dreamland.all these eastern european failures.....??lol...
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Sharon I have a feeling that you just may endup under a rock! somehow.
in canada
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The basic issue is nto whether whiteman is doomed. Canada is quietly following the path of damned... by bringing too many of the worthless scum.
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hey!! we just came here to make you guys working even hard! you might end up living in East Hasting.Don´t forget, if there are not so many Asian coming here, or kick us out, I am afraid there is no booming town like Richmond, B.C. Vancouver property value gotta dump into the river!
departure bay
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Dear whitedragon

Your theory is funny , you should join me , we could live together in my rock , I have a cute dino and although is not white is purple.

I have a nice neighbore named Fred and his friend Barny.

Adolf H.

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Ummm I heard this at a Canadian comedy show once...

White people are a minority... and with the Chinese and the Indians competing to be number 1 in world population... in next 200-300 years there will be no white people left...

Eventually its all going to mix up... and instead of the whites, blacks, brown, yellow or whatever color you wanna name them with... everyone is going to turn bayish...

And now this joker comes to protest about the white ppl...

Dude... if you remember the Canadian history then even these white people came from somewhere and ended up in Canada. So what makes the white race superior...

God knows where this world is going...

I dont even know why am I even tryign to write here... such loosers should be just left alone and let them live in theor own tiny world...

I guess in your shit-hole... everything is white... yeha...

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Just Curious ! How many of the above responders are actually white themselves ????

By the way, I dont agree with most of the things in the original post, and I am not white either..

Just curious, I hope everyone who responded, will also respond to this !