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I had Sent My Passport to buffola on 2nd june my visa category is family class when can i expect back and what the max time they could take to return the passport help will be apprecited
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You should get it sometime this week.Please do let us know when u get it.
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thanx for giving me some confidence i will surely let u know
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I applied for permanent resident on 18th may 2006 (family class) and I was accepted as approval in principal but my son is over 22 years so he wasnt accepted as a dependent after that he applied for provincial nominee and accepted but his visa had expired (7 months ago) he applied for restoration(3,july 2007) and we havent got any answer yet. My question, can he stay in Canada or must he go to out of Canada and apply for visitor visa? We are very confused about it? Thank you I will be v appreciated if you can help us

Meral sonkaya

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