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Subject: worst case scenario
  I am applying for PR from within Canada family class with my fiance sponsoring me. My application was receieved Nov 1st 2004 and we got aletter from immigration April 4th asking us to send more documentation to prove our relationship is genuine. We sent more proof off and it was received (signed for) May 5th.

We are waiting for a reply and hopefully it will be good news BUT does anyone know what would happen if immigration still think its not enough?

Is it a straight out refusal? (hope not)
We have heard that it could get sent to a local office for investigation which prolongs the process bigtime but at least i get to stay.
We really don´t know and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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we are in the same position with my husband. But we are married here. Anyway still is hard to wait because this is the 19 month since we are applied. And finally we have interview this month. They like you see you as a married couple. Our case was transformed from Ottawa to local office in October. Today is June and we have interview. So it takes so long.
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Thanks for the reply
Did immigration inform you that your case was being sent to a local office?

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