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Subject: RPRF Question???
Hello all,

Does anybody know how much RPRF are now in US$?
Do I pay it one fee for a family or for eac person separatly?

Thank you

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When we paid the RPRF in Los Angeles Office last year was USD$715.00
You pay for principle applicant and your spouse (you don´t have to pay RPRF for your kid).

Here is the quote fro CIC website:

The RPRF applies to all applicants for permanent residence except the following:

1. a dependent child of the sponsor or principal applicant,
2. a child to be adopted by the sponsor,
3. an orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild of the sponsor,
4. a protected person or a member of the Protected Temporary Resident Class in Canada,
5. a member of the Convention Refugee Abroad Class,
6. a member of the Humanitarian Protected-Persons Abroad Class,
7. a member of the Permit Holder Class, who has made an application for permanent residence, and who is the dependent child of another member of the Permit Holders Class.
8. a member of the Permit Holder Class who is the dependent child of permanent resident or Canadian citizen,
9. a principal applicant in Canada, who has made an application on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds, and who is the dependent child of a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.


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I also paid $715, but I think it became more expensive.
Goto this site and the fee schedule will tell you all the details in CD$ and US$... scroll down to see US$


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Current cost (in reply to: RPRF Question???)
$820US in the IA I received in May, 2005.

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