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Subject: DONE IT !!!!
  18th June 2005 was the Day...

17:10 was the time...

Leah was the name...

Niagara Falls was the venue...

And I got my immigration......

I wanted to Thank all of you here for their help and guidlines... This Forum has been a great place and I highly recommend it to everyone I know who is working towards getting immigration...

Thank you all and everyone...

I wish you all the very best in your search for a bright future...

If there are any questions I can be reached at

Feel free to msg me and I´ll answer whatever I can...

Good Luck to everyone...

Yours Truely,
Harshal Soni

Harshal Soni
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congratulation! don´t be a stranger. let us know how you are getting on.
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Congratulations and God bless!
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I have posted a lot more before sharon... under the name of -HS-, Harshal, Harshal Soni and my favourite Anon...

Thanks Mike...

Harshal Soni
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Congrats Harshal & wish u the best for future. Hey did you get any Interview or it was waived. I am just worried about the cases in which the PR applicant (like me) leaves Canada and later gets Interview call in US. What´ll happen if the US visa is denied?? I´ve read of such a case and have been told that the PR file is not transferred now a days and the case is closed.

If this is true I am appalled at the CIC´s way of doing business. For no fault of their´s PR can loose so much.

Any thoughts??

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Well my interview was waived as I was in-canada applicant.

But what I have heard is that... if you cannot attent the interview on the specified date you can ask for a re schedule of the date... if you cannot attend the interview due to the visa problems then you can write a letter explaining your problem in this matter.

In such cases what the CIC does is they take the decision on the judgement of the immigration offier. So if you have made like more then 72+ (67 + 5 + )points then usually a positive decision is taken... incase of less points... I dont really want to speculate here... it can be anything... but basically the immigration officer will take a decision for you and decide what to do next.

Good Luck,

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