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what if we do not get pp back in 2 weeks.how much more it is going to take.what can we do.
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It´s 15 days now since Buffalo received my PP and I am still waiting. I have sent it through FedEx to regular CIC address i.e. 3000 HSBC Center, Buffalo, NY 14203. Is this the right address or was I supposed to send it to One HSBC Center, 30th Floor, Buffalo, NY???????

I sent prepaid USPS Express Mail envelop for return service. I am bit worried as CIC takes no responsibility for lost or stolen passports.

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did you track your passport on the fedex web site? if you did please call Buffalo and ask about it? i call them once to check if they received my application and gave the name of the person who received, the lady told me if it had been signed by them it meant the papers were there. I was surprised they answer my phone call but they do talk to you sometimes.

Once you do that the only thing is wait, sooner or later you will receive your passport back, Congratulations and welcome to Canada

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Can you give me the number of Buffalo to which we can call.
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Thanks Anonymous,
Is the Buffalo phone #(716) 858-9501 or (716) 858-9500?
I will call them 2morrow and ask if they are processing it or lost it. Hope to get a satisfactory reply.


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I sent PP via Fedex to 3000 HSBC Center. Fedex.com says it was received/signed by a certain "H.Carland" on June 3rd. I´m still waiting for the PP....

Have you tried going to www.usps.gov to check if your ExpressMail´s tracking number has already been mailed by CIC-Buffalo?

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You will find the consulate´s number online look in the CIC buffalo web page, Good luck with it, and if you can tell us what they told you.


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I have sent an application package requesting the permanent residence statut in canada. It has been more than two weeks since I sent it , until now I have not got any fedback.
If there is something I need to do or know, kindly let me know
Thank you.

Younouss ADJIBI
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Hi Younouss,
First of all, I am sorry for getting into this forum for the wrong reason. Younouss, I am Ali Chaibou. I believe I went to high school with you and Akanho Fabrice in Benin. If it is you , send me a message at chaibal@yahoo.fr. It has been a while.
Ali Chaibou

Ali Chaibou
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I think I have the same case. I called up fedex they said it was signed by H.Carland. I called buffalo they said it´s the right person. Can tell me how long does it take to process temporary resident visa application?

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