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Subject: sponsoring child
My wife and one child got our PR in april 2003. we stayed there for a month and returned to our country with the PR cards.

We got another baby in 2004 in our own country.

Now I am in canada,unemployed can I sponsor this child of mine?

The sponsorship evaluation form shows that I should have a minimum income to sponsor.The document checklist´s point 17,18&19 are a bit confusing?????


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For spouse you have dont require any money or tax retursn... but for kids yes you need that...

now in your case you dont live in Canada so its difficult.

You have recently moved back to Canada so find a job and once you have it and everything you cnan sponser your children adn it will be all okey...

Second thing is that if you are a citizen of Canada then you can direcltly sponsor your child infact the child can apply for Canadian citizenship directly.

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