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Subject: Out of Status in U.S?
  I have been living in U.S since about a year and now I am out of status because Immigration officer denied my change of status application. I was in visiter visa.

I do qualify for Canadian Residency as I meet 67 points (the minimum requirement to do so). My question is: "Does my illegal status in U.S play any role in my application procedure in Canada?" Should I go back home and apply for it or is it ok doing application from U.S. I really don´t want to leave U.S right now?

Thank you.

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US immigration status is of little concern to CIC. However, CIC regs say you need to file an application from your original country, so you would need to go home first and file from an embassy there. Good luck.

It is worth the wait. We received our papers a few months ago and will land in Vancouver on July 8th!

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But if you have stayed in a foreign country for 1 year .. legally ... you can apply for Canadian Immigration here in Buffalo ..

Jowsie Texan
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I also applied in the US although I am not US citizen....I am H1B though...working visa supposedly..but no work at the moment so I don´t know if technically I am out of status too....=)
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I´d suggest you write to CIC buffalo and speak with them and get info.
they are the best people to answer your question... And finally they are the one who are going to assess your application

- HS -
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Would you need to get a background check from the US ? If yes, then I guess you might run into some problems.
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What Jowsie says is true if you had legal status.

You must apply in your country of residence, your country of nationality or the country where you have been legally admitted for at least one year.

You might want to inquire with a Canadian immigration atty.
You can try to write to CIC Buffalo, but the office there rarely even responds to queries from those of the applicants who have paid and are waiting for a reply.

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