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Subject: immigration with five children

we?re living in germany and thinking about immigration to Canada. We?ve got five children. They are 16, 14, 6 and 4 years old and our youngest boy?s age is 4 month. What do you think about it?
What about general conditions in Canada for children or families with many children? What would be the main difficulties?
Does the number of children influence the immigration procedure in any way? (i.e. cause rejection or will be an affirmative item?)
Thanks for thinking about it

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Your case is very good for immigration as Canada is looking for more people. Meanwhile your kids are young.

Carry on.

Children do have lots of priority in Canada and are well treated. Actually one of the major reasons why people are immigrating to canada is the Children rules and treatement there.

Carry on


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hi...i got 5 children go ahead apply....goodluck
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The no. of kids dont matter in purpose for immigration...

You just have to show more in supporting funds... thats it...

no other requirements...

If you and your wife make the required 67 points then you will qualify for immigration

- HS -
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Thank you very much for your answers. I?am really encouraged to apply because imaging what would be the answer to this question concerning immigration to germany ... I think it would be rather different.
We?ll visit Canada in summer and then decide.
I also wish you good luck, joe. How do your children think about immigration?
to HS: I?am the wife and I hope I and my husband will qualify for immigration ...
See you

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