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Subject: spouse sponsership
hi every body,my e-client status change to dicien made.and they dont contact me till today?whats that happend.wenn can i hear from they?
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when did it your client status changed?
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Be patient...they have to send a letter..... it will come. Sit back and relax.
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In the case of the sponsorship, it took 3 weeks for me to get the letter in Canda. When the visa was approved in Nairobi we found out a week before the status on the internet even said decision made. Hang in there...it will come.
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You should receive the letter in a day or two...
waiting for wify
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I got a call from CIC Mississauga where my wife´s sponsership application is being process, I was asked my date of birth, wife´s name, about visit to my home country and when did I returned, also about my work.

Do they normally call?


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