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Subject: Canada-my new home
  I feel very sad reading all the negativity being spread by some lonely souls on this forum.

You know who I am talking about....I dont want to take any names.

You need to make some friends who are hard working, ambitious and good planners.

I come from India.We call it our motherland.And any other country which welcomes you with open arms,provides you a shelter and you live there...we should give that nation the same respect.

It is upon one self how you manage your hardships.Its upon one self whether you want to keep cribbing or do something productive.

You come to Canada with a choice.If you cant adjust to the new life and circumstances,you cant get anything by calling it names and critisizing it.

Grow up.If you cant change it,and if you dont want to get out of it,then accept to live with it.

Dont spread your vicious words to the ones who are not like you,and who want to make Canada their new home.

Its like destroying some ones home before they even set the foundations.

Respect the nation.Change the situation if you can.Talks alone wont take you anywhere.

Suggest something productive and concrete if you have.Else,leave everyone else in peace.

As far as my personal experience goes,Canada is more friendly and accepting towards international people than its neigbor nation!

So I am all for Canada !!

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I respect your views. I agree. However I totally object to your remarks on the U.S.

U.S. has one of the most successful and accepting immigration history than any other country on the planet.

Sorry to say Jas and no offense; to come to the US and be successful you just have to the best. Ask anyone of the recent immigrants anywhere in the world where would they give their right arm to be at? It is only when things don´t work for them for the U.S that they look at other nations.

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Jas... your comments were really nice.

Sadly, there are some people who still think the US is the centre of the universe. I am sure some of our American born posters will have their own comments.

In the 1930´s half my family went to California, the rest stayed in Canada. I think my grandpa made the better choice.

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Hello 249.24

People do not come to Canada because they are unable to enter or live in the USA; some think it is heaven, some think otherwise*****. Your findings and experience is NOT the case with others who have known USA too. Appreciate your response anyway/

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guys!!!we should appreciate advantage of each culture, rather than laugh at each other´s disadvantage.

I hate to say that, however, U.S government gave me impression that they have less red tape and more effiecient than Canadian government.

but poor people might not as take care of as Canada. You can be lazy in Canada, but not U.S.

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I was able to enter US, France, UK, Greece, Spain, Cybrus,Turkey...for me, no place to call home or to feel safe and secure as much as in Canada. This is the country of my choice, I hope my family future there will be as beautiful and white as the snow of Canada.
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Deaparture man you are dead wrong! Try getting new visa or renewing visa in the US. US INS FORBIDS applicants from inquiring during the first 6 months of petition. After that, they will keep sending you to different folks... I knew several East and Southern Europeans working for the Big Government and unable to drive because, following the restrictions imposed by the Patriot Law, the local dpet of motor vehicles will not issue them without valid INS papers nobody can compel the INS to issue renewals within the first 2 months of petition! Not even Congressman Bishop could do anything about it (this dude is local representative in the US Congress)! If the US INS loses your paperwork, you are still held responsible if you do not readily provide everything that was submitted in the original petition. ANyways, I must stop or this will become a long assay.
The reason ypu do not hear complaints from immigrants in the US is because if you do not have a job that can be properly evaluated and classified, and possibly linked to your original academic training, you can´t even file under national interests for PR. In Canada, they delinked employment and qualifications for the purposes of evaluating the worthiness of an aspiring immigrant. This is the main reason why Canada ended up and is still attracting a great lot of whining Asians. European immigrants tackle these problems differently than Asians. Typically, Asians are more easily disgruntled by red-tape instead of red-carpet. They seem to leave somewhat secure positions in their home-lands mainly driven by greed and a need to show off to their Asian neighbors how nicely they moved up in life... But as we all know, Canada is not about to pull a red-carpet out for anyone... If anything, they gonna pull any damn carpet from under your feet just to give you a chance to start at square zero! While I have no regrets of my years in the US, I certainly have seen the northern lights and I came here... I am In Canada! And I am still having a ball....

In Canada
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sorry, I don´t think I understand enough fact to make above comments. however, so far, I like whatever I had in Canada right now, no such complain like Canuck
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