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My total total points adds upto 65. but by Jan 06, I will have 4 years experience and points will be 67.
I already applied in March 05. what´s gonna happen??

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Did you get AOR (File number)?

When you submit the file before issuing the file number paper screening/selection is done to see if the application is complete and has the minimum required points to qualify for skilled worker immigration.

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oh I see.. They did send me a File Number.
Thanks for information..

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Hey..question...are you positive that they do an inital addition of points before issuing AOR?
I thought they didn´t get into that at all until they actually did the Initial Assessment.
I´m just curious to know the answer to this.

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You are right I think, Menino
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from what I understand, they only determine if you have filled in the required CIC documents completely, and provided all their requested forms. I do not think they start adding up points until they complete their initial assessment.

They could very well throw it back to you at a later date with a determination of too few points. Let them count and see what happens.

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i got 68 points...but dear..i want to know that..they are just concerned about the points..or they will also look for the post you have applied..i mean..you can say my work...is of clerical...type...though i am a graduate...and possessing some knowledge of computers..and i am having more the four years of exp...and....most importantly i am having...my aunt there to sponsor...me....and she is ready to do help...me....besides that i am also having too many of my uncles...for support..but...they are not in blood relation.....so can somebody give me idea...about...this...

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