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Subject: Landing Refused! Be careful!
Be careful to carry with you the proof of funds of 9460$ (for a single person) while landing through Niagara/ Fort Erie. because yesterday I was refused the landing due to lack of proofs. I had 3000$ in my bank statement! For your info I am a student living in Canada since 2 years.

Leaving Canada, the best thing a Canadian can do (in reply to: Landing Refused! Be careful!)
Leaving Canada, the best thing a Canadian can do

Here are some of the reasons that I am a firm believer for the past 10 years or so that for a Canadian, the best thing to do for your life, career and future is simply -> to leave Canada.

Realities of Canada:

1) No jobs, No opportunities

Yes, this is true. Why? Because the market is completely saturated. There so many Bachelors degrees being pumped out of Universities across Canada that a B.Sc. or a B.A. has become completely useless.

People graduated after four or five years of undergrad and find themselves unemployed. Or (if they are lucky) working full time at the place they were working part time as a student.

Canada is a dry well for jobs, no matter how many times you throw in the bucket, you won´t come up with any water. Some mud perhaps.

2) Immigration patterns have ruined the country

Yes, this is true. Unlike the U.S. that invites people to all places. Canada has people clustered in only three area -> Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

What is the result of this? Thousands and thousands of Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Koreans, Japansese etc all jammed packed liked sardines in small areas.

They are working in factories, driving taxi cabs or delivering pizzas.

Then when their children grow up they have the immigrant dreams, but since there are so many of them in these areas that all the spots are taken!

For example, for medical school, Ontario ranks #1 in North America for the most difficult place to gain admission. It´s a 1 in 7 ratio to get in.

In United States? It´s a 1 in 2 ratio to get into medical school.

3) Why do this new generation stay in Canada then?

Good question. The answers are surprising simple -> insecurity, lack of self confidence, refusal to face reality, inability to leave the parental home.

This is especially common among certain minorities that have a culture that promotes grown men and women to live at home with their parents.

The culture promotes elitism, where they only associate with the same type. (Further adding to the total lack of community feel that exists among Canadian cities. No assimilation or integration whatsoever.)

This new generation has been so brain washed by their parents, that they lack the self confidence to move to another place and achieve their goals and take advantage of the great opportunities that exist in the United States.


look basically it goes like this:

1) These Canadians having realized that it is soooooo tough to get into a med school in Canada (Ontario is the toughest in all of North America by the way) they go abroad to attend foreign medical schools.

2) They don´t really know what they are getting themselves into until they get there and find out the realities

3) When the find out that they will not be able to return to Canada, they get pissed off and try desperately to refuse to believe it

4) But after these Canadians get residency in the U.S., they get comfortable with the U.S. lifestyle

5) After they finish residency in the U.S. and are offered these ´fat´ salaries they are MORE than willing to stay in the U.S. and quickly develop amnesia about Canada (Canada? where is that?)

I have seen this scenario over and over. . .

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I this Canuck working for U.S. government? I wonder if he or she is posting similar stuff on Australian and other immigration boards. Canook probably forgets that U.S. doesn´t have a skilled worker immigration program - even if you hold a job on H1B visa, it would still take you many many years to get a green card, and you are always at a mercy of you Corporation, and you are always a slave. C´mon I´ve been there, don´t teach me how to live, better leave this forum or donate some money to charity.
A. Moretti
skilled workers (in reply to: Landing Refused! Be careful!)

canada has a skilled worker progra,

it´s called:

Taxi driving
Pizza delivery
Factory work
Cleaning toilets


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If you don´t like it, just go home please!
nobody expect you to kick ass and kiss ass, don´t give a shit!

departure bay
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Do you need to show a proof of founds even if you have been sposored outside of Canada as a family class member? (Spouse of a Canadian citizen)

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proof of funds is not required for sponsored spouse.

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