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Subject: girlfriend visiting from England
  I´ve asked this question on other websites before, and have gotten various responses. And after reading through a few posts here, I´m starting to wonder.

My girlfriend who is from England, is planning on coming to visit me next month.
She will be staying for the maximum of 6 months, and will have a return ticket booked as her proof of intent to leave the country.
I know that because she is from the UK, she does not need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa(Visitors Visa) before hand.
So when she arrives in Canada and informs the customs officer that she is planning on staying for 6 months, will she be given a hard time?
On what grounds would they tell her that she cannot stay for the full six months?
Will proof of funds be a factor?
If she brings proof of ties back owenership papers...etc., will that help??
Or does it all depend on the mood of the particular customs officer she talks to?

If anyone can give any advice so as she does not get turned away or told that she cannot stay the entire six months.

Any and all advice would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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U are entitled to stay for 6 mths. No longer.
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Why would they care if it is 6 months or 1 month as long as it is whithin the limits of the law. I she is planning on illegally staying in canada, she can do so no matter what her alleged return date is.
A. Moretti
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I think the point of my post was missed.....

I know she can stay for up to 6 months.
No she is not planning on staying illegally.

I just want to know what she should bring with her that will satisfy customs she will be leaving in 6 months.

The last thing I would want is for her to only be allowed to stay for a month or two.


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Tell her to bring handy documentation as a proof that she will leave Canada . Tell her to bring your address as well as your phone number and an invitation letter made by you along with a photocopy of your Canadian birth certificate or your citizenship card or your PR card will help.

As any other customs officer in the world , she has to proof him or her that she is going to leave the country before 6 months and her boyfriend (you) is not an illegal alien in Canada.

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A very informative response. Thanks.

I can see how my birth certificate would be useful. But how does a letter of invitation come as of use? Do they actually expect her to have written authorization from me, allowing her to visit me??

And what would I say in this letter exactly??

Further advice would be very helpful.

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I do not know about Canada in particular. But what I have done previously (hoping all customs officers look for the same info) is to send the guest/visitor (GF in ur case) a copy of the letter, addressed to the customs/immigrn officer, requesting them to let in this visitor. In the letter I also mention my credibility, employment, income, status, bla bla etc etc that are important at that point in time.

I usually mention this phrase that I think is key and I stick to abide by as well. "I will be providing them all necessary help that includes accomodation, financial support and registration procedures. Furthermore, I will be responsible for -(x)----- during their entire stay and repatriation thereafter."

It works. You might have to append necessary evidence to support whatever you write or claim (e.g. bank balances, employment proof, PR/Citizenship card etc).


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