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Subject: medical
E-client says medical received 2 weeks ago should i be waiting for passport request for next step?? anyone knows about ??
thank you

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Depends on you visa office, if in Buffalo, I bet No but you should wait the security check to be completed, while if in CHC London it does mean that your PP request is on the way.
Lina (in reply to: medical)

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January 2- 2005
I´m from Chile. I have my immigration papers. I quit my job to move to Canada, but I have found that my credentials are not recognized. When they make the invitation to migrate they ask you for diplomas and experience. For example, my wife is a graduated nurse, but she can´t work in Canada because her diploma is not recognized nor her 10-year experience. We applied to Quebec. Besides my engineering degree, I have a sheepskin as a machinist.
Luis L. Chile (Coming soon in Montreal)

January 3- 2005
I am a permanent resident. I came to Canada in 2002. Before coming to Canada, I was familiar about the generosity of the Canadian people and therefore, Canada was in a very respectful position in my heart. I always thought, this country and its people are very reach and knowledgeable, but they are generous and pay respect to others value and quality. After coming to Canada, I always thought that my judgment was possibly wrong. I am an Electronic engineer with 12 years work experience in my country. I had a masters degree on Communication & Electronic system from China. I did Master degree on Electrical and Computer Engineering from here, University of Alberta. Even I am not finding any professional job and I always feel that no matter what qualifications I have, I have been discriminated because of my race and background. I even do not get chance for a fare competition of any job that has been posted.

In the name of North American experience, I am not getting license from the licensing authority. Again without license, it is hard to get full professional job. So, it is almost a vicious circle. What is the solution? I always think that may be in North America, the electron flows in opposite direction than that in other part of the world and that is why with 12 years engineering experience and fulfilling all the licensing requirement, I have to wait for getting license because of North American one year experience. However, these are all my feelings and experience so far in Canada. I came here to utilize my knowledge, intelligence and experience for the development of Canada and have a better personal life. But, do this country need it? If not through immigration, then why I have been invited to come to Canada?
Khan I. Edmonton, Canada.

January 4- 2005
Well, I did not really apply for my profession because I finish my studies in Philippines. I know what counts over here is the Canadian studies and experience, but for myself I am willing to do some formation if I have the chance.
Marilou M. Laval, Quebec.

January 5- 2005
Happy new year 2005 to everybody.

Each day, as my time to enter Canada as a Permanent Resident is nearing , I get scared with various information especially the situation of job market and hiring practices in Canada.

I read on this forum, there is racial discrimination in Canada even though in a indirect way and immigrants have to swallow it because it is everywhere in the world. I wonder why they tell Canada invites immigrants from all countries and try to make multi-cultural community. If they still have discriminatory attitudes, the government should not advertise like "Canada´s citizenship and immigration programs help build a community of citizens respected throughout the world." in the CIC website. Who is going respect the society which is dependent upon immigrants´ landing fees and settlement fund?

Let me tell about my experience and views about discrimination. I have lived about six years´ in Japan. There is no discrimination in Japan in the sense that they treat foreigners as "foreigners". There is a derogatory term for foreigners in Japanese language which is used for every foreigner who makes unfamiliar activities in front of Japanese people. I have no complaints to Japanese society because they never say that they embrace foreign races in their country. Almost all Japanese ask their foreigner friends when he/she will go back to their country. The question is considered indirectly equivalent to "Why are you wasting your time in Japan? Don´t you have place in your country?" This is why the immigration statistics shows that they have zero immigration rate. Some person who got citizenship here are still called as natives of country he/she originated irrespective of years spent in Japan and citizenship status. Furthermore, all foreigners have to carry "Alien Registration Card" round the clock in lieu of foreign passport. They make you "alien" once you apply to be resident of Japan after landing here.

I was thinking Canada is different because they have planned to integrate all immigrants as per CIC advertisement. There should be no discrimination in a country that invites foreigners to be its permanent resident by paying fees and preparing settlement fund. It must be the job of government to formulate policies to employ all the skilled workers it accepted to have employed in their respective professions.

I have PhD in Civil engineering from Japanese university and more than 10 years´ international experience. I don´t know the attitude of employers in Canada having PhD degree. I would like to know from experienced person who have already lived there as immigrants. Many postings states "PhD holders are taking brooms in Canada". May be another pride of Canadian government to show that internationally trained professionals are not et par with Canadian professionals :-).

My study shows that Canadian government is documenting civil engineers have good chance of getting employment in near future but Canadians have to compete with qualified immigrants (???) This means immigrants are not yet Canadians in contrary to CIC website advertisement of creating respected society of the world. For the job, I found they advertise for the intermediate posts requiring several years´ experience, must be Canadian experience which I don´t have. Furthermore, there is no volunteering positions in engineering to gain Canadian experience as it is against engineering ethics: a vicious circle to trap a internationally trained professional.

For the professionals who are already there, following link may be useful.
It contains the information about the hearing of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.
Sandai J. Tokyo, Japan

January 5- 2005

Everybody First of all wish you all the members of this forum a very happy new year.

I am Shivaji, staying in Mumbai (INDIA). I had completed 10+2 in science in 2000 at the age of 20 and after that I had done Pre Sea Deck Rating Course in Merchant Navy within 4 months. It is not a Diploma Course or Degree Course.

After that I had applied for Seaman post in Cargo/Passenger ships of company But As There is lot of Competition for this post, I didn´t get any Job. So I left that site.

Now I am 24 years old and I want to Complete my graduation (10+2+3) in any stream. But there is a Problem because to immigrate to Canada the minimum qualification must be graduate and minimum 2 years of experience in the same field. So to complete the Graduation in India and to get the 2 years experience. This will take 5 years, and in between 5 years, may be Immigration procedure will stop OR the points will increase so it will create problem for me to immigrate after 5 years. This is very long procedure also.

Second Thing is that If I complete my Graduation in Canada on the base of Student visa, And then apply for the immigration This is an Expensive Procedure. So I have only 2 Options to Immigrate:

1)First do complete graduation in India, get 2 years of Experience and then apply for immigration
2)Do complete Graduation in Canada and then apply for Immigration

So Please suggest me what should I do? And I want the help from all of you who had gone through the same situation. And also suggest me an Immigration agent in India who has a very good record of Immigration to Canada and has no cheating record. Tell me the agents who has the cheated records. Waiting for reply
Shiva. Mumbai, India.

January 6- 2005
Hi! My family and I will be migrating to Canada sometime this year. Reading all the comments made in this forum made me reflect whether we made the right decision to migrate to Canada. But as an afterthought, I realized that life in this world was never meant to be an easy job. One has to accept the fact that life will always be full of struggles and therein lies the challenge of how we go about it. Be it in Canada or any other country for that matter. We all have different stories to tell based on our experiences in life but I guess the best advice for all those who think of migrating to Canada is to prepare for the worst. Its a risk one has to take in resettling to another country. In other words we will be treading unfamiliar grounds and if there are no pains there are no glories. Just believe in yourself, do your best and pray for God´s assistance and guidance. There, you will never fail. Everything in life has a purpose. Good luck to all the future immigrants.
Veronica. Philippines.

January 9- 2005
Hello to everybody there!
I am Italian, I am 25 years old and I am going to graduate in modern languages next year.

Before reading this site, I was thinking to settle myself permanently in Canada - Montreal because in Italy at the moment (particularly, but it has been always) there is a very deep crisis and lots of unemployment. I have worked hard until now and made a lot of renounces to accumulate enough savings to afford the costs of the air ticket, to go to Montreal in February. Now, by reading this, I am loosing all the last hopes I had to find a good job and a better life there. So I am undecided, if should I still come or not. This is the last money I have!

Is there a country where to migrate in this world, where people can be considered for what they really value, without any corruption or ignorance? if yes, please somebody tell me where!! If you are thinking I am too young too speak, then it may be true, but I am already so fed up with this slavery world system.
Fabia. Milan, Italy.

January 9- 2005
Peru is a developing country where there are not many job opportunities. I read in a local newspaper that Canada has job opportunities, so I want to work there.
Bacilio V. Peru.

January 9- 2005
I have made Canada my home for the last 14 years. I did all my schooling in Canada. I graduated from university of Windsor the year 1999 with Mechanical engineering degree. I have been applying jobs in Canada for the last 6 years and I didn´t get single interview. I had been working in the US all those six years. I am very educated and I cannot find a job in Canada. Is this fair? The government should be doing something about it.
Jibril I. Windsor, Ontario.

January 10- 2005
This site is a good therapy for many people. On the other hand, in immigration Canada don´t present a rosy picture. I have my visa and I´m conscious about the risks to go there. I´m working as a taxi driver in my country -ask Venezuelans about the dangers of being a taxi driver here. I haven´t worked as a technician. I don´t have a house, just a car thank God, to make my living, and I´m single. I can understand the frustration of many highly qualified people who had a high standard of living in their countries. To them must be truly hard to face the situations presented here.

In that respect, I think this site is good to show a part of the Canadian reality on immigration. I say a part because there are people who have achieved the Canadian dream. This site helps people involved take actions in the right direction.

On the other hand, Canada must focus on technicians and small families. It´s not worthy to deceive people with PhD and post graduates, who are going to take survival jobs for too long. I think technicians are more adaptable to the job market. In fact, I believe Quebec wants to change the immigration requirements.

Small families? Because most of the comments concern people with minimum wages who need to provide to a family with 3 and 4 kids. There is no country in which this is possible. We all know what it takes to care and educate a kid.
Fernando. Venezuela.

January 10- 2005
Sandai, the link you gave is interesting. Unfortunately, to this day I believe that Canadian employers will find a way to discriminate, regardless of the recognition of international credentials. What I do really hope is that in time people like Georgina (owner of this site) will eventually be heard and things will start to change.

Fabia, I wish I could tell you "come to Mexico", but you see, that´s exactly my problem. Look, I´m a professional, I speak 4 languages, and I make less than one grand a month. What do I do? Payroll for a company with over 2,000 employees. Problem with Mexico is that we´re way too open... yes... you want to be rich? well, come to Mexico: as a foreigner, all the doors will be open for you. This is so depressing, because you see that big companies are hiring morons from the US, Canada and Europe. They come here on vacation, while we locals have to struggle like slaves to put some food on the table.

Ok, come to Mexico if you want, but for God´s sake, don´t go to Canada. You´ll never get used to that.

Sorry if my messages provoke excessive concerns. I´m not that pessimistic, really. It´s just that migrating is a decision that has to be very well thought, and at the end, there´s no place like home.
Rodrigo V. Mexico.

January 11- 2005
Oh boy! I was reading your forum and started to wonder. I am in the last stage of obtaining my residency (medical exams), I have invested thousands of dollars and now I have to rethink my strategy if I move to Canada (Vancouver is my dreamed destination, although as a scientist I am aware this is not the best choice). My goal is to improve the quality of live for my family and I (is not only money, it is education, health, safety, stress level, etc). I am a Costa Rican national and lived in the US for more that 10 years. During this time I did not have the opportunity to obtain the "green card" in the US, so I decided if I ever move again it is going to be with residency documents in my hand!

From what I have read I can conclude the following:

A- Every decision has an opportunity cost. In my case is not to have my family and tropical beaches close by. What is your cost of opportunity?
B- Referring to nations, there are not completely good or bad places. It depends on what criteria you use to rate them and where do you stand in the "food chain". You do not really care where does your country stand in the UN "best countries list" when you are poor. Even your personal criteria changes as you age and your lifestyle changes.
C- Danke Frau Aubin for reminding us that when we move to a new nation we need to think in a new way, keeping your mind open and for many of us not thinking necessarily as a employee...
D- Do your homework. You do not need a lawyer to get your residency and you certainly need to study your target city if you want to get a job or open a business.
E- Sell your personal belongings in your home country only after you have a stable income in Canada (it would be nice if you also own a house and a car before selling yours at home)
F- Sharon, I do respect and admire Canada but usually foreigners are in disadvantage no matter what country... I agree that it is us who must adapt to the laws, traditions and demands of our host nation and not demand that the nation embrace our ideas, gods, languages, etc. That does not mean that immigrants should be mistreated!

For me, I am going to proceed with caution. I am not going to sell my belongings in my home country and I am going to explore other opportunities beside employment. Last but not least I am going to work on my English and French skills. Bon chance a touts! Regards,
Jose L. Costa Rica.

January 11- 2005
I came to Canada to work, for better live for my kids. I appreciate if a company could give me a chance to work. I am a Systems Engineer with more than 15 year experience.
Jose I. Toronto, Canada.

January 12- 2005
I´m a recent immigrant from the UK, and moved here with my Canadian husband. In the UK, I was a highly experienced managing editor and a successful author, with 18 books published worldwide. Here, I´m just about to start my own company because I cannot find a job unless I want to work at Tim Hortons or Macdonalds. There is no work for creative, talented, experienced people.

I feel that your site is very important. There are very few support networks for new immigrants such as myself. Immigration Canada talks about the many and varied opportunities for talented, qualified new immigrants when encouraging people to come here. I thought I would be coming to a country where my hard work and talent would be appreciated. Believe it or not, even as a white English girl I experience some degree of intolerance.

I know you´re based in BC, but if I can be of any help or assistance, please let me know. Perhaps I could provide information about the Maritimes to prospective immigrants. New Brunswick has lately announced programs to bring more qualified immigrants here, and your readers may be tempted.

Thanks for your site!

Hazel R. Fredericton, Canada.

January 14- 2005
Hi! I am from the Philippines and I intend to be in Canada by July 2005. Inasmuch as I am excited about the prospects of living in Canada, I am also apprehensive about my employment opportunities there. I have read the sad tales of immigrants in their first few months in Canada. Lack of Canadian work experience, unrecognized credentials and discrimination have been noted as the major barriers to employment.

I am 32 years old, single, female and well-educated. I have finished
Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Management in Business Management from my country´s premier university. May I also point out that I am from a third world country. As such, our currency wouldn´t hold much in a Canadian economy. It is for this reason that I need to have a Canadian work experience the soonest time after I land in Canada for me to become gainfully employed and be financially independent.

I am willing to do volunteer work in the field of administration and communication. I have e-mailed several human resource centers in Canada but most of my mails were returned. I really need all the help I can get. Thank you so much for this website!
Hazelle I. N. Philippines

January 14- 2005
Great job! Exposing the system, fighting the last bastion of discrimination. I am a lower caste from India, have worked in the US, but find Canada´s system appalling. The truth must be outed. I would like to create a list of "immigrant non discriminatory companies" in Ontario.
Vijay G. Toronto, Ontario.

January 14- 2005
This is quite an informative site. I congratulate you for your efforts. Best wishes to you.
Nelson L. Philippines.

January 15- 2005
Hi, my name is Angela. I need someone who can help and give me some advice. I´m a postgraduate student in Laval. I have been a victim of discrimination. All my assignments over a year weren´t recognized by a professor. Every thing I have done is useless, and he kicked me out of school. I have a loan from the Mexican government. He has treated me so unfairly. I don´t know what to do because I have to pay back the loan. It´s clear, the problem is not me, but discrimination. I really need someone who can help me. I only have 2 days to do something.

Help me. There is discrimination in Canada, and some Mexicans are the ones to blame for because they accept being mistreated.
Angela. Quebec.

January 16- 2005
I was doing an assignment of job opportunities for educated immigrants, and I came across your web site. We´ve been in Canada for over 7 years now, and my dad hasn´t been able to get the job in his field of study. He is a computer engineer. I think my dad is a genius in anything that has to do with math and science but he just never got the job that he wants because the employers all want "Canadian education and work experience." We´ve been on welfare for over 2 years now and it makes me sad to think that my dad has to live with that shame everyday of his life. I thought you guys might be of some sort of help.
Ghazal N. Toronto, Canada.

January 16- 2005
I have read the comments on this forum, and they seem discouraging to the people who are thinking of moving to Canada to improve their standards of living. I´m from Guatemala, a Central American country, where the economic and job situation, as well public safety are worsening day by day.

I´m a professional, with a Masters and I´m finishing my PhD, and I have considered to migrate because the situation is hard; the more educated the more difficult is to get a job.

I thought that Canada would be different. Maybe I was quite convinced by the excellent advertising strategy that sells Canada as the promise land. Now, I don´t know what to do because if I am going to be underemployed and marginalized, it´s unnecessary to move so far and leave everything.
Rodolfo D. Guatemala.

January 18- 2005
Hi Georgina,
I´m a television producer at CBC. With this Sgro scandal, I´m wondering if Canadian immigrants feel there is more ´favours´ taking place in ridings and offices of immigration than we know. Any thoughts? Could we chat?
Lisa. Toronto, Ontario.

January 18- 2005
I have carefully read most of the comments of this web page. To me it´s excessive the anti Canadian sentiment here. It´s extremely weird that there is not a positive comment. Not all immigrants are doing bad, and I´m a witness myself. At the beginning it was hard, but now I´m much better than I could possibly be in my country. Canada not only opened its doors to me, but also it gave me the opportunity to meet so many incredible people. Canada is not perfect, but it is a country that deserves respect. I know many immigrants that are doing fine in this country. I believe it´s a terrible injustice to generalize and be partial as it is on this forum. Thanks, and good luck to those who are about to migrate. It´s all about perseverance and hard work!
Walter E. Vancouver, BC

January 19- 2005
I am frightened and astonished after reading all those comments here. Few weeks ago the permanent resident visa arrived from the Canada Embassy after waiting almost two years and spent thousands of dollars, I am moving to Calgary on June but now I am wondering if it is a good decision, I have a geology degree and more than 17 years of international experience in the oil industry, according to the promotion people in the Canada embassy I should not have problem to find a good job in Canada but after reading here about the famous "Canadian experience" I really doubt it. I´m gonna start to sell all my house belongings and car except my house that I will rent. It is very hard to leave all the things you love but I think that in this live everybody must be strong and positive. I will move anyway thinking always of God and with self-confidence.
David. Ecuador.

January 19- 2005
Hello! I came across this forum by chance while looking for information to study and work in Canada. I think (I thought) of moving to after graduating in Administration. I truly appreciate all of your messages posted here. Now I will think twice before moving and investing that much.

In Mexico, Canada has a good reputation. In fact, every year there is a conference in which new graduates are encouraged to move to Canada. I think, I´m going to look for other options. I thought it was going to be difficult, but not that much. I´m kind of sad, most all my planning has fallen. Thanks Hans (from Australia) for providing information about that country. I will look more information to study over there. Thank you very much.
Mary. M?xico.

January 21- 2005
I just hope some employers will realize that foreign diplomas and foreign experience are worth. At least, I could show them my linguistic and technical skills if they would grant me an interview!
A. Boucher. Alberta.

January 21- 2005
Hi, I´m an immigrant who arrived in Vancouver 16 months ago, and believe me, everything said on this forum is true. The Canadian government is only interested in your kids, who will study here and be the new blood that Canada will need in the next decades, as well as your cheap labour, and the money you will bring to boost the economy. In my case, I´m a Systems Engineer with many years working experience, and I haven´t found a decent job in my field of expertise. The cycle is: no Canadian experience, no job. No job, no Canadian experience. And it´s worse if you didn´t study here.

I also want to say that I have Salvadorian, Peruvian, Colombian, Argentinean (and from other countries) friends, and they are in the same or worse situation. All of them are professionals, and they came here misguided, like myself; selling our belongings to arrive to a cold, hostile, isolated, somehow xenophobic place, with a system that won´t recognize your education, even when they need many professionals, as they say all the time.

How bad their need for physicians is that when you go to the doctor, you have to wait 3 hours because there are not enough physicians. I think in Mexico, the IMSS (Public Medical Services) is better!!! At the end, physicians are so bad here because they want to treat everything with Tylenol 1, 2, or 3 (the strongest). Few months ago, I had a minor surgery, and I asked for antibiotics to prevent any infection. The doctor told me that it was unnecessary (even, when I was going to pay for it) And what happened? I got an infection. I went to 4 different doctors. Because they are inept and don´t know how to treat an infection, I had to ask for medicines to my doctor in Mexico. Dr. KOUZZE was the one who performed the surgery, and he works in Chilliwack and Abbotsford (cities close to Vancouver).
I was about to sue him, eh!!!

Another example would be the case of a friend of mine who is a dentist, and he is selling musical instruments. Can you imagine how advanced they are here? As if Mexican dentists were incapable, when they have more experience because of many factors, including the size of the cities over there. He will go back also at the end of this year. Try to not get sick in Canada, ok.

I have had the opportunity to live very close to Canadians (step brothers and in-laws) and as they say, 80% of the people in B.C. live day by day owing money to their credits cards. Their world spins around beer and hockey. Many of them don´t even know the province´s capital or nearby towns. Moreover, they are not interested. They are like race horses that can´t see beyond some distance. And just because they speak English better than you, they think they are superior. Only 65% of them finished high school, and know how the system works, they spend years in mediocre jobs. They don´t own a house, but they have marihuana, cigarettes, and beer. Did you know that B.C. marihuana is the best in the world??? They produce more marihuana than wood???? A package of cigarettes is 7, 8, 9 dollars???

Another thing that makes me laugh is that I have the opportunity to get a study loan, and the officer asked me, ´why don´t you study something related to Systems, so you can get a job in your area. And I told her ´because, I have already studied that. Here is my certificate. Another thing is that you don´t want to recognize it, and suggest to me to study that again. Even if the government has to put $16,000. You see, how things are handled here. Wouldn´t it be easier to recognize your credentials and give you a job as a Systems Engineer? That´s why I´m going to get a certification in a new technology, and I will be back to Mexico at the end of this year.

Well, I hope my comments are published, and please do not come to Canada. It would be like a [insulting expression] total waste. I can´t find a better way to describe the way you will be treated in Ca-NADA. I don´t do it to offend any Canadian, but believe me I can´t understand why someone with a MCSE certification, graduate from a private university, years of working experience as a programmer, coming from a very competitive city, like Mexico City (with more than 20 million people) is not hired because of lacking Canadian experience. Isn´t the computer language the same here and in China? And when I read on this forum, Canadians telling us to come prepared. I just think, prepared for what? Are they referring to all the suffering you will face here???
Javier G. Abbotsford, B.C. Canada.

January 22- 2005
I am so glad I found your website. I am a food technologist and am seeking for a greener pasture. Thank you and more power.
Marilou R. Philippines.

January 22- 2005
I would like to hear more details about the positive experiences of Mr. Walter E. from Vancouver, BC.

You said you were much better than you could possibly be in your country. Let me tell you this: if you are from a third world country, including India and Pakistan, you will always be better off here in Canada even if you are on welfare, driving a bus or taxi, doing cleaning or security work, or cleaning dishes.

So tell us more about your background, your "positive" experiences, and current work in Canada. We do really want to learn from your "exceptional" life here in Canada.

To Ghazal N. from Toronto, you father is too smart for the Canadian standard of intelligence. Ask him to apply to any firm in the US and, I bet you, he will be hired right away.

To Angela from Quebec, If you have not lost your mind yet, you should consider yourself fortunate. I am not kidding. I have a neighbor who suffered a severe emotional breakdown while studying for his graduate degree in Quebec. His wife told me his sad story when I inquired from her about him.

He is a black man from Africa, married to an East European lady who migrated with him to Quebec. He was his family only son and only hope for a better future. He was working as an assistance instructor in the same university. One of his professors used to tell him that mentally he was not capable to pursuing his learning, and gave him very low marks in her subject. He disputed the result and asked for a review because he knew very well that he did better than what he got. In the review, he contradicted his teacher. When one of the professors, asked him:" Do you accuse your teacher of lying?" he said yes. At that moment, his file was closed and he was kicked out of the university. The guy was devastated and never recovered from his emotional trauma. He is a walking testimony of the cruelty of the Canadian system.

If, Lisa, the television producer at CBC, would like to report on this man´s tragedy, I will be more than happy to introduce her to his wife.
Qaism. Canada.

January 23- 2005
To Mr. Qaism. I come from Peru where I was partner of a General Contracting firm that had business with the American Embassy, important government agencies and many other clients. I still owe a comfortable house, which a left to my parents so that they can have an extra income. I had two cars and lived a comfortable life. I have great pride of being from Peru which is a beautiful country with incredible people. I immigrated to Canada due to security and safety issues. Here in Canada I work as Senior Project Manager for one of the biggest Construction Companies in B.C. I hope this clarifies your thoughts Mr. Qaism, and next time don´t jump to fast to unreasonable conclusions.
Walter Edgar. Vancouver, B.C.

January 23- 2005
I have been reading all the comments on this forum and while it is disheartening, I think the people coming to Canada are not doing the research properly. There is no free lunch - anywhere, weather it is Canada or any part of the globe.

Life in Canada IS good IF you can find a job there. But the job market remains dismal (and people hoping that will turn around are only hoping against all odds.) Of course, that also means bad business prospects and high costs etc. So then, one may ask, why come to Canada at all?

Well, take Canada for what it is - An excellent stepping stone to the US (and that´s about it). Once you are Canadian Citizen you can use it to work in the US. That process takes 3 years and that time will be well spent being a student at an excellent and low cost Canadian univ like Toronto / Waterloo / UBC. (Don´t bother with the no name ones and PLEASE don´t go to the French ones).

So essentially then, it is a good place if you are in your mid to late 20s, want to pursue a graduate degree and then move on to the US where Canadian citizens can work on TN Visa (and hopefully H1 and then green card). Anyone not fitting this profile has much more to lose than gain. If you are into your late 30s to late 40s, try to put things in perspective - Canada has little to offer you and you will be blowing up your savings. Weather you are black/white/Asian/Latino - doesn´t make a difference. There is racism, but the economy is the main problem. The job market is just awful. You will have to struggle to meet basic needs. If that is still appealing, go ahead - You will be totally responsible for your own peril.

I came from India, leaving behind a well paid job as a software engineer (6 lakhs per year). I was still 27 when I came, so after trying for a job for one year without results, I switched to grad school, did a masters from U Toronto and as soon as I got citizenship, went to the US where I am still on TN status and working in a good job. Thankfully US still considers Canadian universities to be equal in terms of education quality. Besides this, I see no merit to life in Canada. Earlier on, retired Canadian citizens used to be able to collect benefits even if living abroad. Now they cant even do that So all you are left with is an expensive country with freezing temperatures. Best of luck,
Vinod, Albany, NY.

January 23- 2005
Producer at the CBC. You should really think about doing a story about the hardships qualified and educated migrants face in Canada. I for one would be willing to talk to you and many more people too. I know these kinds of stories have been done before, but you need to keep presenting them until something starts changing.
Good luck to everyone.
I. Van. Vancouver, B.C.

January 24- 2005
I think this page is great because it gives us an opportunity and makes us think thoroughly.
Yessica M. Mexico.

January 24- 2005
Looking for information on Canada over the internet, I found your site. I think it´s very useful and informational. I´m seriously thinking to emigrate to Canada. From what I have read, the situation is very difficult, but I´m going to try it anyways.
David L. Mexico.

January 27- 2005
I am a recent Irish graduate and have been looking for employment in Canada for the past 2 months. I have applied for many jobs that are well within my abilities but due to my nationality, and ineligibility to work there at this moment I have been turned down at every opportunity. Can someone please help me, I am looking for work in Alberta but will work anywhere in Canada.
Neil M. Cork, Ireland.

January 27- 2005
I wanna know why Canada is now giving priority to the people from Asia especially the people that got hit with Tsunami to immigrate to Canada, and get their Canadian citizenship meanwhile they are also being excepted into countries in Europe taking away jobs and chances for the people that live there. Meanwhile if someone from Europe comes over here because they are having a hard time in Europe and barely make the money needed to eat everyday. I think that Canada should while giving Asians chances to become immigrants in Canada, they should consider giving the chance to the Europeans that are here working hard day in and day out to support their family, and to make a living that they would also not have a chance in Europe to do. So I just say please consider giving Europeans chances as well because they need them as well.
M. Furtado. Toronto, Ontario.

January 27- 2005
I want to know if there is a solution for this problem with the Canadian Embassy in Peru.

According to our assessment, my wife and me have 72 points to apply for Canadian resident visa. The only doubt we had was about my wife?s IELTS test results. I went to Canadian embassy and ask the officer on November 5, 2004 if her test results dated September 2003 was valid considering that according the instructions the test results should be no older than 1 year upon submission. The officer consulted with other people in the offices behind the desk and told literally "there´s no problem with this test results because they are from last year". With this information supplied by an officer of the embassy we spend more than US$1,000 with fees and documents and applied in November 2004. Lat week we received a letter from the embassy requiring my wife to take another test without any reason. We went again to the embassy to get an explanation and they told us that the test results were older than one year.

We told the name of the person who gave us the wrong information, they consulted and they recognized the mistake but the only thing they do is to give us an extension to take the test again. My wife can not take the test because she works and she is with 8 month pregnancy and we do not have more money to spend just like that. We have spent more than US$1,000 because they gave us wrong information. What can I do in this case to have my money back? Is there any law or legal resource or grounding that can we use to send a letter for the refund? We would not have applied if we had to take the test again. We are looking forward for your response. Truly yours,
Eduardo A. Peru.

January 27- 2005
This is a very interesting website. I am especially interested in your graph ´Canada: Immigrants by Region and Period of Arrival´. Could you tell me how to reference the original source of this graph and its associated data?
Jeremy P. London, Ontario.

January 28- 2005
It has been very frustrating to look for a job across Canada without any interview!!! I do not know why Canadians accept immigrants and after that We DON´T HAVE ANY OPPORTUNITY TO GET A JOB.
Carlos M. Toronto.

January 29- 2005
Life in Ottawa where I live as an immigrant is very hard for my brother, my two daughters and I. My brother and I are highly qualified with a Masters degree from England and yet still we can only find casual part-time jobs. Even the so called survival jobs are hard to get. It is tough going and rather frustrating. We are not even able to get a household income of $2000. It is frustrating.
Valerie W. Ottawa, Ontario.

January 29- 2005
Eduardo from Peru,
I don´t think you can get the money back CIC says:

Application Fee: This fee must be paid for the principal applicant and any accompanying spouse, common-law partner, and dependant children
* Pay this when you apply.
* This fee is not refundable.

So if that´s the fee you want back, they do not return it. All I can think of is for you to go to the embassy and explain your wife is 8 months pregnant and therefore can´t take the test until in a couple of months and try to get an extension that way.
Van. Vancouver, B.C.

January 29- 2005
This website shows the true reality of everyone who is a newcomer in Canada. But other than putting up with all the difficulties in finding a job, the hardest part is to find welcoming Canadians; they don´t talk to you or look at you funny when they notice you have an accent. And then they give you that talk, saying "oh no one is really from here, so there is no discrimination".

I was able to find a job and I was lucky, but the only friendly people in there are other immigrants- the only ones who talk to me, who are friendly and make you feel happy in that environment! The "Canadian" ones will only say "how are you" and walk by, like you didn´t exist... Or sometimes make jokes about South America knowing I´m from there... Sad! That´s why in Toronto you only see immigrants who are friends within their own ethnic group cause locals are not welcoming at ALL!
Carolina. Toronto.

Medical (in reply to: medical)

My eclient changed to medical received last week. Applied at Buffalo. Where did u apply? Time line please

Migrate to Canada (in reply to: medical)
I am from the Philippines, 45 y.o., 18 years experience as a physician and for the past 9 years a private internist earning about US$1,800/month.

I submitted my immigration papers last April 2005 with the hope that I will have a better life in Canada once accepted. My wife is finishing her Nursing course(she is a licensed Midwife).

After going through this forum, I can only pray that those negative notions about Canada are not generally true.

Let us all pray the Canadian government will make some positive changes in the futute. In the meantime, hard work, honesty and dedication are all we need to survive as in any less fortunate country, otherwise, we won´t be coming to Canada.
Jimmy, Phillipines

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