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Subject: Please i need help
I have doen Masters from US.Do i still need to take IELTS.I have already sent my app in OCt OCt 04 for SW.
Please let me know.

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I am assuming that you must have submitted an explanation of your English proficiency with evidence while filing your application in 04. Why worry now? Even if they are not satisfied they´ll ask you to take IELTS or Interview which are no big deal at all.

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Depending on where you reside in the US, check the dates for the IELTS exam. It might be a good idea to take it anyway because sometimes the dates may not be available at your nearest IELTS location. Moreover I think if CIC asks you the scores, then you will have to send it in within "X" number of days.
Why worry too much ? Take it when you have the time, and it costs $140 only and its valid for 2 yrs, its worth the peace of mind. Also, you can reappear the exam only 3 months after the previous attempt, so if you don´t score high in the 1st one (ok, I´m being pessimist) you won´t have enough time when you are working on a deadline !!

Wish you luck !!

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Could you please tell where form the internet can i prepare for IELTS exam.


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