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Subject: Additional family information
  The guide says that Each additional family needs to fill the "Additional family information form". I finished filling the form as a principal applicant. But when it came to my wife´s turn it is confusing. How to indicate that she is the spouse, not the principal applicant . Furthermore when it comes to mom dad bro sis information, is it her family information or my family information that she needs to put. Despite vigorous reading I am still confused. Plz help. I wanna send the application ASAP. Thanks.
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For my part (in reply to: Additional family information)
What we did was ... One for the principal applicant ... and one for spouse... (2 forms)

For Section A ... Applicant and Spouse are the same (even on my form my wife was still the applicant).. for both forms ... but for other data ... like mother, father, brother, sister we had two separate answers for the 2 forms ...

Children we have only one .. so we both placed him on our forms ..

If you read the Guide on How to complete the forms for Additional Family Information IM 5406

To be completed by You, Your spouse and children above 18

Hope this helps ..

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Additional Family Question (in reply to: Additional family information)
The Above answer is appropriate in filling Additional Family Information IM 5406.

Use of two froms with different names as mentioned in brochure

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