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Subject: IELTS question
Hello everyone !
I got a query regarding IELTS score and that is - what is the minimum acceptable score by CIC ? As If you have over 70 marks altogether & only 8 in Language proficiency, would that be a hurdle ? Put your comments/opinions pls.

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You will have to score at least 7 in every section of IELTS (i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) to get the max 16 points for English proficiency.

The overall score of IELTS does not matter. BTW you can not get an overall score of 70 in IELTS

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hey sandy,

i really dont understand what you mean by "over 70 marks altogether & only 8 in Language proficiency"..mention the band you scored for each..reading, listening, speaking, writing..and i will let u know how many points u will get...

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Thanks for your replies. I am sorry if the question didnt make sense. All I meant to say is that in IELTS, I have only scored 8, 6.5, 6.5 & 6. So, would that be a problem that I haven´t scored enough in IELTS. I know at this band CIC will award me 10 points. But is there any minimum requirement for IELTS score that you should have to have this much points in English proficiency to get your application thru. My total points come to 71, including 10 in language proficiency.

I appreciate your input.


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There is no minimum points required for IELTS.

As long as you score more than the minimum points (67) to qualify as a Skilled worker you are fine.

Where have you applied from? What are your educational qualification? Did they ask you to appear in IELTS? Have you already sent your IELTS score?

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Hi Kenny,
Thanks for the advice. I have applied from London. Yes, they asked me to appear for IELTS and I scored as mentioned. Also, I have sent the results as they had given me the time limit to send the results so didnt have any other option. But wondering why did you ask me this much, have you got any idea or any other important information which you could provide after knowing this.

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Sandy would you be able to share your timeline please.

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I think Sandy is concerned because his profile might match the average applicant´s profile, which means that he would need 16 points (or pretty close to that) in English proficiency to get over 67. Hence he is concerned. Sandy - Correct me if I´m wrong.

Ok, as far as IELTS scores is concerned, I am not sure what score will they consideras the highest, but remember each section has a different point score.

You can get a score of 4 or 2 or 1 on each of the following....
writing and

Idealy you get 4 times 4 = 16 (at what point of IELTS score, I´m not sure) but from your scores I think you will have atleast 2 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 10 points. This I believe is the worst case scenario.

I think this should put you right at 67, if you are an engineer with 5+ yrs experience.

Pls share your experiences....

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Hi Raj,

Sandy has already mentioned that he scores 71 points so he has qualified even with only 10 points in English proficiency.


I asked those questions because if RPC London had not asked you to provide the scores it would have been better not to send them. Instead you could have provided other proof of english proficiency.

But as they have already asked you to provide the score it is best to do so ASAP.

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Thank you for answering me I ahave applied for immigration and my band score is 5 but my athorny says it is not enough for POINTING AND YOU MUST GET 5.5 OR 6.


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