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  hi all,
this is a great site where everyone can come in and ask a question on what ever they want to know qbout canada (need to mention with out needing to register).

I have applied for immigration in sept 2003 in INDIA and recd a confimation in dec 2003. the CIC website shows the status as in Process. Any of my desi friends can tell me how much the whole process takes and how much more time i need to wait.
thanks in advance.

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I applied in Buffalo but in New Delhi the current wait is about 5 years so keep waiting buddy.
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Relax dear. You can do just one thing WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. afterall mera Bharat mahan
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Visit the website www.yogi799.com and you can see the timeline of people who have applied for Canadian immigration under the skilled worker category.
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yup, i think a New delhi applicant will need loads and loads of patience during the process.. Bharat, I also just applied (Feb 2005) in New Delhi.. and I know the marathon wait has only just begun for me.....
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I´d applied in March 2001 from Islamabad! ufffffff. During this month, I´m expected to go for my medicals. Now take a guess.
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