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Hi... I am planning to apply for Canadian Immigration.. I live in NJ and i qualify .. was wondering is Immigration Lawyer is will be of any use, could i apply by myself.. The costs for the Lawer is exorbitant.. $2,500.
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You can apply by yourself. I think maybe about 50 % of our friends have applied on their own. (myself included)

Only advice is that.... "FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY AS MENTIONED IN THE APPLICATION FORM". The CIC will return incomplete applications making it harder on you.

Most common mistake is leaving spaces/blanks in areas that are not applicable to you.... please write -N/A- or something like that there. (refer application guidelines for more info)

All the best.

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I could be your Immigration Couselor. I have succeeded in having my own file submitted and can help you for a price. Around 1000US$. NJ is a better place than most Canadian towns. They kicking your ass outa there?

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