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Subject: Arranged employment???
A small company which has only 1-2 employees are willing to support me for the PR and pay me $25,000 a year as Computer & Network Technician.

1. How many percent do you think i can get it approved by HRDC? Any advise i can increase the chance?
2. How long do they usually take?

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it doesn´t indicate in HRDC´s website, I guess it might take quite a long.
Not until you try this, who knows? give a try

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I don´t think u get an approval for this salary..

best of lk.

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How much do you think i can? And how long it take to procesS?
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You would need around 45K a year and it?s going to take up 6 weeks.

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Would that make a little diference if i´m applying within canada? I´m on my work permit now, just want to get the arranged employment done before i go back to my own country and wait for PR.
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At this salary of 25K its not worth trying and the approval process can take upto 3 months or even more.

Good luck

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So even if i can talk it up to $30,000, i still have no chancec at all, 100%? According to the CIC website, if the salary is higher than the average salary for the same position, it should be ok, right?

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