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Subject: E-CAS (miss)information
  Please, anyone who has finished the process could share if e-cas offers other info than "we started processing..." or "decision made"? I´ve never heard anyone telling that his/her file has changed to "initial assesment made" or "medicals request" or something like this.

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The status will only change when a decision is made on ur application.

I believe they donot put info of reciept of med results etc.

For my application it took exactly 2 months but I recd my passport within a week of the status change to "decision made".
You can see my time line in post made earlier.

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Thank you Jas, it seems I´m wasting my time everytime I check my file process. I thought someday some new info would appear there, but nothing. Happy trails!
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It can be frustrating at times, fortunately I had read the forum to understand the situation from others so I generally check once a month or so.

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