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Subject: have a criminal record
  there is a criminal record in my FBI identification records. only a charge of selling alcohol to minor and no court disposition record at all. that case happened in 1997, i plead guilty and no imprisonment or fine imposed on me, only a ticket to my boss.
i know nothing about the alcohol laws in canada, can anybody tell me what punishment may be imposed on for selling alcohol to a minor?

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I found this on the internet by searching in google:

If you are convicted of supplying alcohol to a minor under the Ontario Liquor Licence Act, what penalties, if any, apply?

Individuals convicted of selling or supplying liquor to a minor under the Liquor Licence Act face a fine of up to $200,000 and a jail term of up to one year. Corporations may be fined up to $500,000. Licensees convicted to underage service will lose their licence for at least 7 days and have to pay a minimum fine of $500. Source: Liquor Licence Act

I dont know if this applies to your case or not. To see if you are inadmissible to Canada, vist the following link:


Good Luck!

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thanks a lot
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