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Subject: Bank draft
I mailed my application package to Buffalo center with a draft from Bank of Montreal. Is there a way for me to check if the money has been cashed out? I have the account number and draft number.
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so did I, just take the draft to the bank and ask them to check if it has been cashed yet, it could take a few days for them to find out
my application was rcvd nov 22, the money order was cashed dec 1 or 2,
so the cash it right away..

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If you send them the RPRF with ur main application, do they also encash it immediately?

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i am not sure, but I assume no,
since if ur application gets rejected they will
return the right of landing fee

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if your file is completed as they require... then they cash the application fee. this does not mean you qualify... this only means you have filled out the formal documents required by CIC. they will only return your application if the legal forms are not correctly completed. While this is a major milestone, it only means you have given CIC enough information to make an assessment. No indication of approval can be assumed.

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