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Subject: Scheduling interview 6900 airport road entrance91
  Hi sir mike,my partner was detained last June 19 2018 after 1day she was released by the Officer by 56 (1) with the Bond and condition.and need to report once a month every last Monday of the month.on sept 30 2018 is her report at bond centre.but this afternoon after we went to your office at eglinton,my partner received mail from immigration form (IMM 1234) together with form (EIOD 001) look like fillable form,
Sir mike what is that form IMM 1234 from the mail,my partner is your client,and we just submit all the requirements in your office,and Ms.Tanuka who assist us..explained about the common law partner the sponsor and my sponsored is the person. Concern in the case.and the application for common law,was very late but Ms Tanuka from your office said this week they gonna submit the application,Ms Lauren need to review everything .im scared for what is the positive result for that interview about removal.and what will happen to our 6yr old son a Canadian citizen,and he loved going to school with her mother..I donít know what will happen if the mother remove in son loved her mom so much in how he express his word to her mom and his feelings,after my partner arrested at home by the enforcement intelligence operation division and my son saw her mom after detained and I pay for the bond.:first word I heard from my son.....mama Iím gonna protect you now then he hug and kiss..when my partner was arrested our son is in the school on that time..
Sir mike please send me a respond for this matter...thanks a lot,.DAN

Hi there (in reply to: Scheduling interview 6900 airport road entrance91)
Could you please let me know what happened after the interview that was at 6900 Airport Rd. I received the same letter and I donít know what is it about.

Thank you

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