Transcode PIX-E5 4K Prores to H.264 MOV for Adobe

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Subject: Transcode PIX-E5 4K Prores to H.264 MOV for Adobe
  As far as we know, the latest version Premiere Pro CS6, CC usually can handle 4K files without much problem, but it is extremely hardware intensive. On the other hand, it is a complete nightmare to import PIX-E5 4K ProRes to Premiere Pro - it cannot recognize ProRes codec, and even worse than that is Adobe Premiere Pro(CC) will import a .MOV file of any codec -Animation/ProRes, whatever doesn´t matter. Can´t find ProRes in Adobe Media Encoder (CS6) on Mac? No ProRes preset in PPro CC? To solve the problem, you need to convert PIX-E5 4K ProRes files to Premiere Pro editing-friendly format, like H.264 MOV.

The process is surprisingly easy and can be done with Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. With it, you can effortlessly encode/re-encode PIX-E5 4K ProRes footage for smoothly importing and editing in various non-linear editing systems (NLE), including Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve and more. Moreover, it can help you freely enjoy your 4K videos/movies, 4K YouTube clips, 4K camcorder recordings wherever you like, such as watching 4K movies (in any format) on 4K TV and even on mobile devices.





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