re-entering Canada with no PR but landing papers

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Subject: re-entering Canada with no PR but landing papers
  My friend and his wife got their landing papers about 10 years ago. But after landing, they had to go back to Taiwan to look after his sicking aging father (since he´s the only son). Now, they want to come back to Canada. Please help check and advise whether they can still enter into Canada using their landing papers (they have not applied for the PR card)? Will their landing papers be taken away at the airport? If so, is there a way to get it back and they can stay in Canada as PR? Thanks lot for your attention and reply.

vincent wang
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There two things on this:

1- Have they fulfilled their requirements as Permanent residents? It is a yes or no answer.

2- If they have, the problem won´t be at the border. It would be at the airport in their home country. There is a big chance that the airline won´t let them board the airplane bound to Canada. They need to provide either a visa or a PR card to do so.

They should contact the Canadian Embassy in their home country and obtain the proper document to return to Canada. The Landing Record is not a travel document.

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