Which Immigration Representative Should I Retain?

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Subject: Which Immigration Representative Should I Retain?
  The answer depends on your personal situation. How much time do you want to spend worrying if you did your application yourself that everything was completed correctly? Time saved hiring an Immigration Practitioner, Priceless.

First is to conduct your due diligence before retaining an Immigration Practitioner.

Focus on reputation by asking friends who they used. Make sure their situation was similar to yours. Look to the representatives experience and knowledge. Check out how long they have been in practice and what areas they specialize in. Ask Mr. Google and read their Linkedin Profiles. Look to see if the Immigration Practitioner has been featured in any news articles or on TV. Do not get fooled by written testimonials they could be from anyone. Video testimonials by former clients are far more reliable.

If you need to appeal a matter to the Immigration Appeal Division ask to see positive decisions that the Immigration Practitioner had been successful with. Thinking of submitting a Humanitarian and Compassionate application then consult with several representatives as to what they feel are your H&C factors. Ask to see previous submissions so you can make an informed decision.

You need a problem solver so be sure to ask what approach he/she would take to solve your problem with Immigration. Do not retain someone who says pay me Iíll take care of you with no explanation how. Donít just retain someone because they are from your own country.

The most important is to ensure that the representative you select is authorized to represent your situation. Law Society of Upper Canada allows their Paralegal Members to represent Immigration clients at tribunals but not to submit an application. ICCRC members and Lawyers who are members of a provincial or territorial Law Society can represent you at all matters before the Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada.

Retain the Immigration Practitioner that wants your case because they believe they can win your case so that you will send them more clients.

Roy Kellogg
Immigration Counsel


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