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Subject: Adding newborn child to PR
I want to add my 2 month old baby to my PR card, I haven´t moved over to Canada yet but I´m due to move later this year.
Any idea of how long this takes and the process for doing this?
Many thanks
Dee London

Dee London
undeclared child from the other girl (in reply to: Adding newborn child to PR)
I have been married two years last year there was one girl moved to our house we had something she got pregnant. I said we shouldn´t be having this child she said she don´t need me or my help in raising she can do it herself how can i refuse. she kept herself low when she was about to deliver baby she started blackmailing me. she will tell my wife about this , that she demands me. I said I cant be with you but I can support you with child support while pr application already in process. now our daughter is 3 months old, now she is blackmailing me to be with her. other she will tell cic I have undeclared child but she didn´t even put my name on baby´s birth certificate . I don´t what to do now give me advice

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