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Subject: Inland Spouse Sponsorship
  Hello Everyone,

I need some help regarding my application for inland spouse sponsorship.
i am recently married and plan to submit our inland application within 2 weeks.
My concern is, I wasnt able to change my new name in my PR card. New name after
marriage. Because the processing time will take months. The only thing i´ve changed
with my new name is my driver´s license, SINcard and health card.

My questions are:

Is that ok if i didnt change my name in my PR card? or i´m going to apply for change name in my PR card but the new PR card wont be there in my inland Application.

I used my new name in my inland application, is that right that i am going to use my new name in my inland application? while the PR card is not yet updated in my new name.

Pleas advice, thank you very much.

Pedro Pilipino
revoke (in reply to: Inland Spouse Sponsorship)
can a spouse revoke your pr card after you receive it
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