Can Immigration revoke my Permanent Residency?

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Subject: Can Immigration revoke my Permanent Residency?
  Hi, Immigration received my file on 29 March 2012.

I came to Canada on 11 March, 2014.

I´m here since almost three months and now my wife is acting so different and threatening me that she will do fraud marriage case on me and kick me out of this country because I read her emails and told her how come your ex boy friend is still your best friend and you still miss talking to him. I told him usually married people don´t do that. And now she is threatening me that she don´t want to live with me and give me divorce. If she will divorce me will it revoke my Permanent resident status? Does she have power to revoke my Permanent Resident status?

Please help me with this. I am very depressed and going through tough time. One of the lawyer told me still she can do police case on you saying that you tired to hurt/abuse her, and prove marriage of convenience etc and do anything with you because she is Canadian Citizen. Does it really work like this?

P.S. I believe I am not under Conditional Permanent Resident rule as my file was received on March, 29, 2012. And also on my COPR under Condition section it says "NONE"

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It is very difficult for anyone to prove that they are innocent. Get evidence


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The OP´s real question is whether his PR is conditional, given that he applied before the conditional PR rules came into force.

Although I am not too sure, it looks like your PR is not conditional:

"The conditional measure only applies to permanent residents whose applications are received on or after October 25, 2012—the day that the amendments came into force."

Roy or another immigration lawyer might be able to confirm this.

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