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Subject: Application/Processing times
Our application was received April 2013 and it he received his work permit April 3 2014. Now the site says in process. About approximately, how much longer....
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Impossible to say without knowing what kind of application you are talking about. We can´t read your mind.
Adaptibilily (in reply to: Application/Processing times)

I want to add my spouse point 5 in my application but her IELTS exam not yet completed. can i send my PR in CIC with out my spouse point and send her certificate later . Pls. advice me .

Ruhul Rabbi

Ruhul Rabbi
How can I know the outcome of the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Application? (in reply to: Application/Processing times)

I recently applied in April 2014 for closed NovaScotia Provincial Nominee Regional Labour Demand Stream and since then I have not heard nor received anything from the Nova Scotia Immigration Office. How can I know the update on my application and how long does it take to issue my Provincial Nominee Certificate


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