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Subject: income when sponsoring spouse
  I have been married 14 years. My family has moved to Canada. I am a Canadian citizen. Do I need to prove income for sponsoring my husband? He works for pay, and I stay with our young children.
Also, is Child tax credit considered government assistance? We received an extra bonus on the check for lower income. It is not something we even applied for.

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Income is not an issue when sponsoring a spouse or dependent child but......The Immigration Act section 39 found here

39. A foreign national is inadmissible for financial reasons if they are or will be unable or unwilling to support themself or any other person who is dependent on them, and have not satisfied an officer that adequate arrangements for care and support, other than those that involve social assistance, have been made.

Tell the truth if he is working for cash in Canada tell CIC.

It is always better to tell the truth so you do not look like an idiot allowing a man you married to sit on the couch all day watching Judge Judy, Doctor Phil or Oprah.


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