ROY, SHARO, DOCD, pls help..

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Subject: ROY, SHARO, DOCD, pls help..
  Hi good day everybody.

I applied for refugee in 2010 and my claim was rejected. I am married and I am living with my wife for almost 2 years now.

I got my PR status in canada in aug 2013 after applying for Inland spousal sponsorship and I am planning to go back home in december for a month, My Question are:

- Will I have any problems to enter canada ?
- What documents should I carry with me ?
- Will I be inadmissable due to my refugee claim rejected.

Thank you.

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You got Landed based on H&C/In-Land Spousal. There is no impediment for you to return to your country, relax.

Passport and proof you have resided here if going for a lengthy period of time.



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Thank you Roy.

Your simply great...

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Good day Roy,
Just to follow up. Can i sponsor my wife from my country base on my PR approval under Humanitarian. I got my PR under humanitarian, so just wondering if this will be fine or not to sponsor her through out-land sponsorship. Thanks.

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Depends,if you were already married when you applied under the H&C program, did you declared your spouse in your application before you became a PR?

If that is the case, why didn´t she became a PR when you applied?

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Like DocD points to it looks like you really screwed up. Did you declare your wife on your H&C application and did she have a medical?

Regulation 117 (9) (d)


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The problem is that she´s not even in Canada at the moment. She is my fiance and we´re getting married in couple of month in Africa. So i was just wondering IF i can apply for her after the marriage. Well, it seems it´s going to be hard for me to sponsor her. We´re getting married next March. Please what other avenue do you think i can approach. I applied for Refugee and it was denied and I got approved with H&C application.
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