How can I report an illegal worker?

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Subject: How can I report an illegal worker?
  I am a Canadian citizen and an immigrant because I lost my job.
I worked for a small restaurant but I was fired because my place was taken just a girl with a visitor visa.
The owner pays $ 10 an hour and pay cash.
I want to exercise my rights, but I want to stay anonymous.
How can I do? There is an email address?

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Disgruntled ex-employee is understandable. Would you mind me asking how long you worked there? Are the wages she is making the same wage or taking less for working under the table? How are you sure of the facts? Are you still talking/on friendly terms?

I am sorry to hear you lost your job. It doesnt make any sense to fire you only to hire a girl here on a TRV. The possibilty of her leaving in a short time is so high, then they will need to rehire/train someone new.

I am being nosey, not intending ofence. Your an immigrant? Where from?

Take care,

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Unfortunately, it often makes sense to some employers today to hire illegals over legals. Illegals are much cheaper and there are no tiresome obligations like health, safety and labour laws. They don `t have to pay sick leave or holidays or observe any of the requirements or obligations that have been won over the years by the labour movement. They can make them work longer hours, dump them at any point or charge all kinds of deductions of their own and even resort to various kinds of abuse and the worker is helpless because by that point, the stakes are too high; they will lose an apartment or home or have dependants so they take the risks and abuse. If they quit, there are always plenty more where they came from.

I know many international students who come here to attend language schools. Some have working holiday permits and even though they have a degree in engineering or chemistry and have lived in a culture where they are little princes and princesses and never worked a day in their lives, they get short term jobs making sushi or doing manicures. They usually go home and benefit from the experience, perhaps becoming better managers or employers themselves.

Others don`t qualify for work permits but they also get jobs in restaurants and factories and cleaning. At some of the ESL schools, almost all the students end up working illegally because once they know someone has done it, they realize they can get away with it. And most seem to get away with it in the same way that many people on social benefits have got away with also working for cash. Of course many are treated badly and exploited but it doesn`t seem to stop them.

In the case of this story, I suspect if someone was actually fired, they probably were not there for a long time or the employer was able to come up with a valid reason for dismissal(that may or may not be actually true). The fact they can`t actually do the job well doesn`t seem to matter to many employers. They don`t have much respect for their workers and they assume that any idiot off the street can walk in and do the job. Even the lowest entry level job requires physical, intellectual and social skills. Watch Undercover Boss to see how well the President of Pizza Pizza did making a pizza or the Chair of the TTC did at cleaning a bus.

In my neighbourhood there are many houses being renovated and I watch the workers. There may be a sign up saying work boots and hard hats are required but no one is wearing them. Many have trouble finding the site even after they have worked there several days and their English is so limited they can`t even read the street signs or follow directions. Most are working for contractors who speak their language but some aren`t.

They are taking jobs away from a legal immigrant or young person entering the work market. I believe they know they are breaking the law and feel absolutely entitled to do so. Over the years, they have kids, buy homes and businesses and get to do it all faster as they are not paying taxes or other deductions or short changing their own employees or putting them in risky situations. And when they finally encounter some problem that reveals their status and they are facing removal, someone writes a story about them in the paper and everyone is supposed to feel sorry for them because they have worked so hard and let them stay.

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Most employers play by the rules. The cost for not doing so is very high. Reputation, taxation issues, Workers Compensation issues - you name it... it is simply not worth it. That said - there will always be people out there that think that they can come to Canada and operate a business just like they did back home. Don´t work for them!
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lynda why you do not find another krapi restaurant and let it go...??!!
il latitante
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Sharon, I agree most employers would never consider hiring an illegal because it would be too risky for all the reasons you said but I do know many many international students are doing this and overstaying so obviously there are sufficient greedy employers who are too short sighted to care and sure they won`t get caught. I love it when these people get caught and claim they always paid their taxes. How does that work when they are paid cash.

In the past, I know of many who launched a refugee claim when it came out and that was good for years more. I hope the new changes in refugee law will make that less of an option. I understand that the newest proposed changes in our ever changing immigration laws are intended to make it easier for legit students to work legally and try to restrict the number of international students who attend a poor quality unregulated ESL school for a short term as an excuse to get here and work.

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Just mind your business move on, you´ll find another one. This happened to me too, and I went on to get a job with the city. Maybe this is a sign to look for something bigger and better.
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I know 3 people living in Calgary AB as illigals, the man came about 3 years ago from Spain his name is Eddie Arold Carranza Lobos,but when the Spain Goverment decided to sen people to their countries he brough his wife Julia and Emeldina Esperanza she use this two names so, I´m not really sure what of this two names is her real name or if she has both of them and his mother as the same way he came here. They just came as visitors because this man has a cousin in this city, the point is that most people who came from other countries are working not only under the table and getting support in here they are working with drugs this man is a drug dealer with another man who is living in the basement with them, and they are not legal to be here actually the y drive cars fron companies who they work for without any license. as you can see that kind of people is dangeorous to civilians. I can provide info about them anonimously

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this company has a lot of illegal worker its on browns line the corner of Horner avenue
Reg. illegal worker in Canada, who is on Visitor Visa (in reply to: How can I report an illegal worker?)
Hi there,

My father-in-law, who is illegally working in Brampton, ON, Canada. And is threatening me. I am on PR status. Father-in-law is on Visitor VISA. Please suggest where should i report over email and phone.

I will be highly grateful for kind suggestion.

Prabhdip Singh Rayat

Prabhdip Singh Rayat