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Subject: How to succeed with Humanitarian application
  Hey there,

Briefly my problem:

I came to Canada on Caregiver work permit originally from Transnistria Moldova in 2008..
In 2010 I tried to change my work permit for a work in the hotels hence I could not find a caregiver work for as a male, I had legally recorded work experience for 8 month but needed 24..

Anyway, I found an employer in 2010 to work in the hotel. His lawyer filed an application to change a work permit.
It has been regected and I was told to leave the country as I was disqualified from Caregiver program and can not extend my permit anymore.

I could not return to Transnistria since it is not recognized country by UN.I am facing very severe problems from local secret police..
I had an Ukrainian passport to be able to cross borders.
I am facing death threats in Transnistria and even worth..

So I filled a refugee claim in Canada 2011 and I had a lawyer in AB. I paid him 4 k to represent me.

They same time 2011 I filed a H&G application within Canada

In 2012 the hearing was held and my claim has been refused since I had an Ukrainian passport and I could travel back there.
In the desicion mentioned that I can try to obtain work permit in Ukraine and learn their language since I do not speak it , also Russian language is in common use as well....
I have no one and nothing there

Anyway, I have an appeal in progess right now for a refugee claim.

My H&C is still in process.

What is the chance to have my Status in Canada based on H&C application?

If they decide to deport me where there are going to deport me?

Thanks for any useful advice or info!

THIS CIRCLE MUST END (in reply to: How to succeed with Humanitarian application)
Being Caregiver to a refuge claimant to waiting on a H&C decision and getting worried about getting removed.
(in reply to: How to succeed with Humanitarian application)
I lost my PR card and travel documents b my guardian.
i became a PR on march 28 1998.
my Guardian brought me to Africa which i´m still stuck in. i want to the Canadian embassy in Nairobi,Kenya but got no help from them at all. they told me to bring proof of documents which i don´t have and can´t get.
please i need help. i want to go back home to Canada with m brothers.
Kenya doesn´t look so good this election.
please help me

Ali Soudi Yahye
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