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  Hi, I´m looking to apply for residency through Canadian experience. I´m seasonally employed over the last 5 years, working over 30 hours per week for around 4-5 months each year. Last year, however, I left Canada after just 3 months. This means that over the last 3 years ive worked about 1400 hours in canada so I don´t quite meet the required amount of hours (if 1 year 52x30=1560 hours). Will I have no chance of qualifying? Or do they take previous history into consideration, that I´ve worked 30+ hours/week when living in Canada over the last 5 years?

2nd question. My official documents such as drivers license and passport show my name as first/middle/last name however my birth certificate shows middle/first/last name... I´m currently looking to immigrate to Canada and need to submit the documents for proof of identity. Will i have a problem with the discrepancy between my birth certificate and all my other documents?

Thanks for any help.

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You don´t qualify to apply for CEC. To qualify to apply you must:

"obtained the required work experience within the 36 months preceding the date their application is received"

PR application under CEC (in reply to: Canadian experience)
My son has studied & earned diploma in Physiotherapy Assistant in Toronto,Canada in June 2012. He is working with day care center since Nov 2012 continously on full time basis. He has applied for PR under CEC in January 2014 He has also appeared for Medical examination in August 14.
Now he will be visiting India to get married in January 2015. What is the procedure to add his spouse´s name in PR application under CEC? How much more time it will take to process his PR application under this circumstances ?
Thanks for any guidance you may provide.

rajendra j raval
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