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Subject: Foreigner and Canadian getting married in Quebec

I am a Malaysian residing in Malaysia. I started a relationship with my now fiance who is a Canadian citizen, now residing in Quebec for almost two years and we are planning to get married soon.

Due to both of our busy schedule, we have difficulty deciding where to register our marriage. We are having a long distance relationship (we met for 3 times so far and communicate via internet daily and calls weekly). He plans to come stay here for a couple of year and later move together to Canada.

What are the requirements and the exact procedures if we want to marry in Quebec? What are the documents or anything that I need to prepare before I travel there and get married? How long would it take until the whole process complete? Do I need to be there all the time or he can arrange that on his own prior to the wedding?

We are looking at all the options we have, including marry in Malaysia or even Ottawa if Quebec is just too complicated. How long do I have to stay there in order to get all the procedures done (for me to plan my trip)?

Really appreciate if someone can help to tell..


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